Performing Arts Trail - Celebrating 71 Years!

The Trail Society for the Performing Arts was founded in 1947 and is the longest-running performing arts series in British Columbia.  Performing Arts Trail's mandate is,
to continue to honour this fine tradition of arts & culture in the Greater Trail Area for years to come.  Celebrate with us and enjoy a diverse line-up of world-class musicians, performers, comedians & artists!


Trail Society for the Performing Arts is the longest-running performing arts society in B.C.  The society was started in 1947 by a group of women who were dedicated to bringing arts & culture to the Great Trail Area.


The Charles Bailey theatre is hosted by the Trail & District Arts Council who continues to raise awareness of the arts and partners with community organizations in ways that will benefit arts, culture, and heritage.

Sponsors (2017-18)

Immense gratitude to our Community Corporate Sponsors who make this fine tradition possible!

Thank You so much for your generous contributions 2017-18 Sponsors!!

Thank You so much for your generous contributions 2017-18 Sponsors!!

Dear TSPA Members, 

On November 16th, 2018, the TSPA Board of Directors met and unanimously voted to move forward proceeding with the steps required to dissolve the society. This was not an easy decision and comes after many years of struggling to maintain the many operations of the TSPA with a limited number of active board members

We wish to inform you of an upcoming meeting in which we will be asking members of the Trail Society for the Performing Arts (TSPA), to cast a vote on the dissolution of the society: Dissolution to be effective at the end of the current 2018-2019 season.  The last performance will be Tuesday April 2nd, 2019.

Members of TSPA are considered to be all individuals that have bought the 2018-2019 season pass (either the 7-event, 6-event, or 4-event tickets).

In order to help with the crisis that we were in 2016, we went through the process of having an organizational assessment done. This was helpful, as it enabled us to become aware of our strengths and limitations. We then had a strategic planning session in February 2018. As a result of which we were able to implement some of the steps to keep a float with some key Board positions filled at that time.

However, at the follow-up Strategic Meeting in November, 2018, we realized that it was no longer sustainable for the current Board to continue operating.  Our repeated calls out to the membership for active members to fill Board positions have not been successful.  Our treasurer has announced her resignation and the rest of the Board will be stepping down come the new year.

However, the TSPA current board members (including the current Treasurer) are willing to remain in their current positions until the end of the current season (April 2019) and are also prepared to complete all the legal and fiduciary requirements to dissolve the society in 2019. The Board will set up a committee to disburse the existing remaining funds available among qualified organizations at the end of the 2018-2019 season.

We believe that the current situation with lack of new, active members reflects a general shift in society with regards to volunteerism.  We hope that the Charles Bailey Theatre could take over some of the programming that the TSPA has presented over the years. 

A TSPA membership meeting will be held on December 13th and will include an item in the agenda in which members will be asked to vote in favour or against the dissolution of the Society.

We hope to see you at this meeting.
5 PM at Selkirk College, Trail Campus
Room 115


The Trail Society for the Performing Arts Board of Directors

Lynn Amann
Martha Fish
Theshini Naicker
Lesley Elliot
Alberto Gonzalez
Bert Pengally

Box 451, Trail, B.C. V1R 4L7 
Extraordinary General Meeting 
Thursday, December 13, 2018
Selkirk College Trail,  5:00 PM

     1. Call to order

     2. Amendments to the agenda 

     3. Approval of agenda 

     4. Approval of the minutes of previous meetings
a) November 17, 2018

     5. Treasurer’s report

6. Business arising from the minutes

  7. New business
a) Letter to members
b) Vote on the dissolution of the society
c) Next performance (February)  

8.     Date for the next meeting

9.     Adjournment