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Paige Culley


SHAPES is a work which has emerged from the spaces between. Within interstitial meanderings, reflections, practical preparations and a constant revisioning of presence, the shapes I take are multiple. Formed and re-formed through repetition, tuning, undoing, re-doing, what is it that makes up a capacity to respond-interpret-perform? How can I ask for more? Ask differently? How can I listen in a new way? As a professional dancer performing internationally for the past 8 years, I’ve been working hard to understand the elements of establishing a “role”—interpreting an idea, a movement concept, a performed state, etc. and I am interested in how this often invisible work intersects with what one would see as the “choreographic”. Over the years I’ve considered my time spent ingesting, rejecting, expanding, internalizing and fantasizing within particular depths and angles of my work as an interprète in others’ work, as the very a "shaping" of my choreographic voice. In SHAPES I look to the materiality of my being. Histories, tangents and potentials collide into an emergence of this body, which has been shaped and re-shaped, is living and aging, and is here now in space and time.

Visual possibilities offered by Emily further invite a view of contrasting movements and textures, illuminating possibilities and limits of my body in practice and performance. The soundscape nurtured by Dae holds space for closer attention, suggesting shifts in time and space, and amplifying corporeal resonance. SHAPES beckons to new ways of seeing and being seen, and calls for a flipping of angles while celebrating time as a sacred opportunity to be here, willingly close to unknowns, and intimately together.

Challenging perceptions of dominance, vulnerability, and possibilities for cohabitation within the context of generating movement, new configurations can be forged. In acknowledgment of a perpetual onward, the movements of this work offer both fluid and definitive suggestions of corporeal questionings, and space for visual and aural explorations throughout a two-act progression.

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